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Azim Premji Foundation

Azim Premji Foundation is a non-profit that supports quality education for elementary education in India. It was set up by Azim Hashim Premji who pledged his wealth to the foundation. It works in close partnership with state governments of some of the most backward states of India.

Most of its functions are in rural areas where the elementary education is provided by government schools only. Thus improving the quality of the education in rural areas, the equity of quality of education is being established.

Azim Premji, is a business tycoon based in India who founded Wipro Ltd. and IT services pioneer. He gave away 25% of his wealth in 2013 and has pledged to give away another 25% in next few years. He is also a member of The Giving Pledge, which is a campaign by Bill Gates and Warren Buffett, to give away most of his wealth for philantropic cause.

Apart from supporting the government schools, the foundation is also involved in activities to make life better for run away childrens who are often found and seek shelter on railway stations in India. There are organizations like Sathi which work on rehabilitation of kids found on the railway stations. Many railway zones like RRB Chennai Zone and RRB Kolkata have many of such kids.

Azim Premji has been most generous man in India for continious three years. And he is still giving away more with his Azim Premji foundation in various ways.

by Martin

Fundraising Semipostal Stamps by USPS

USPS not only provides you all that you need for your postal requirements but it also comes forward to support some of the causes.  It has supported in fund raising for some of the national interest causes.

USPS has an app where you can do a lot in your account including buying these stamps. The app has many services in the user account except filing for the change of address. You can do that online on the official website, a proper guide to fill United State postal service change of address is helpful for doing it online.

You can also buy these stamps by calling toll-free 1-800 STAMP-24.

When you buy a semipostal stamp that supports a cause, the revenue is sent to a selected agency that is working on that cause. The semipostal stamp pays for a single piece first class postage rate at the time of purchase plus some amount to fund the cause for which it has been printed.

There are two 60 cent semipostal stamps available at the post office  at the moment, first is the Breast Cancer Research stamp and second is Save Vanishing Species stamp.

The Breast Cancer Research stamp has raised $82.5 million for the cause it was created and this amount has been distributed to two organizations working on the research.

The Save Vanishing Species has raised over $3.3 million for the cause and the amount has been transferred to an organization working for the cause.

by Martin

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation is the largest foundation in United states which is solely focused to improve the health and health-care. It grants in many different areas of health care. Some of the interest areas are

Health Insurance Coverage – It supports policies and initiatives that expand health care coverage to all the Americans and increase the enrollment in programs so that everyone in America can have affordable health cover.

Cost, Quality and Value – The foundation is also funding some of the studies that can corelate the cost of care and results, so that there can be a way to cut the waste in health care system. IT is also funding projects wwhich are study the effect of transportation, air quality, education on health.

Childhood Obesity – The foundation is backing projects that are working on reversing the childhood obesity by 2015. It will also make the reach more for healthy food and opportunity for kids to work out in schools

by Martin

The Ford Foundation

The Ford Foundation is headquartered in New York, a private foundation with a mission of advancing human welfare. The foundation works on eight human welfare issues –

Democratic and Accountable Government
The foundation has five initiatives under this issue –
Increasing Civic and Political Participation
Strengthening Civil Society and Philanthropy
Promoting Electoral Reform and Democratic Participation
Promoting Transparent, Effective and Accountable Government
Reforming Global Financial Governance

Economic Fairness

The five initiatives under this issue are –

Ensuring Good Jobs and Access to Services
Promoting the Next-Generation Workforce Strategies
Building Economic Security Over a Lifetime
Improving Access to Financial Services
Expanding Livelihood Opportunities for Poor Households

Educational opportunity and scholarship –

The foundation has three initiatives under this issue –

Transforming Secondary Education
Advancing Higher Education Access and Success
More and Better Learning Time

Freedom of expression –

The six initiatives under this issue are –
Supporting Diverse Arts Spaces
Advancing Public Service Media
Advancing Media Rights and Access: goal is to “promote universal access, open systems and diversity in the media.”
Religion in the Public Sphere
Exploring Issues of Justice Through Media

Human rights

There are seven initiatives that are under this issue –

Advancing Racial Justice and Minority Rights
Protecting Immigrant and Migrant Rights
Reforming Civil and Criminal Justice Systems
Strengthening Human Rights Worldwide
Advancing Economic and Social Rights
Protecting Women’s Rights
Reducing HIV/AIDS Discrimination and Exclusion

Metropolitan opportunity

Three initiatives are kept under this issue
Expanding Access to Quality Housing
Promoting Metropolitan Land-Use Innovation
Connecting People to Opportunity

Sexuality and reproductive health and rights

There are three initiatives under this issue

Supporting Sexuality Research
Promoting Reproductive Rights and the Right to Sexual Health
Youth Sexuality, Reproductive Health, and Rights

Sustainable development

There are two initiatives under this issue –

Expanding Community Rights Over Natural Resources
Climate Change Responses That Strengthen Rural Communities

by Martin

The MasterCard Foundation

The MasterCard Foundation works on increasing access to financial services and education opportunities. It was established through a gift of share from MasterCard Worldwide when the company had its IPO in 2006. To Increase financial services and education opportunities, it has partnered with non-profit and non-governmental organizations that focus on the same.

Youth Learning Initiative –

The Youth learning initiative of the foundation promotes financial education and learning outside of the formal education system, it helps the youth to prepare for the market. Following are goals of the program-

Developing skills in the youth that is coming out of the school
Developing skills in youth that make them employable
Increasing access to education in Sub-Saharan Africa.

The MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program –

The MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program provides access to education to the talented and disadvantageous young people, specifically in Africa. There is network of nonprofit organizations and educational institutions which support financially and in education to the youth who is commited to give back to the communities.

Financial Inclusion Initiative –

Financial Inclusion is where low income families, individuals, business, entrepreneurs have access to financial services from a range of providers. The foundation’s Financial Inclusion program works with multiple partners to increase the access.